This is a war 450 bushmaster ammo

We must “win”

Why must we win?

How shall we win?

When will we know

We have won?

Such rhetoric and grandstanding

Is self-willed, ignorant, and dumb.

Please hurry up God

And let Thy kingdom come!

Meanwhile neocons

Try to get some

Put their hands in the cookie jar

Talk about global good

Peddle fear and a pretext

To steal and go far

To the uttermost parts of the earth

To nation build, restructure, and give birth

To their economic aims and conquest

Procure new pipelines

Drag their feet and take time

Give reasons, unattainable resolutions to problems

While covertly working toward long-term occupation

Meanwhile let Maliki meander in the mud

Of American politics and maneuvering

Mediocrity and profiteering

While the civil war is raging

Inhumane methods of war we’re waging

Abusive interrogation methods disparaging