Bumper stickers are used all over the place – from the backs of vehicles (their designated location) to binders, folders, walls and desks, and many other surprising locations. They are used to promote schools, businesses, nonprofits, bands, organizations and uncountable others. In fact, in the world of promotions, bumper stickers are some of the most popular options available. What should you know about sticker printing if you need to have some printed for your own needs? What should you know about sticker printing companies offering bumper stickers? die cut stickers

Printing and Shipping Time

One of the areas of most concern to those purchasing stickers is the amount of time it will take to print and ship their order. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important that you look for a company that offers the fastest possible time. The better bumper sticker printing companies will usually print and ship within 24 hours. This ensures that you are able to get your stickers in time for whatever event you might have planned.

Bumper Sticker Construction

Of course, one of the prime areas of concern in bumper sticker printing is the construction and printing process, itself. What materials should the stickers be made from? How weather resistant should the stickers be? What printing method should be used to create your stickers?

To answer the last question first, you should find a company that specializes in flexographic printing. What does this mean? Flexography is a printing process that makes use of a flexible relief plate. Many other forms of printing use a hard, inflexible plate. The use of a flexible plate is the best option for printing on softer surfaces, such as vinyl or plastic. It is also a good option for printing on nonporous surfaces and is heavily used in the food processing industry.

For sticker material, you should look for a printing company that offers a high quality white or clear vinyl for the sticker. This ensures that the sticker is able to withstand a tremendous amount of weathering without fading or cracking, and that the sticker is flexible enough for use on almost any type of surface at all.

In the question of colors, you probably have a good idea of what colors you want your sticker to use. However, it’s the best option to find a bumper sticker printing company that offers a choice of 25 different colors. This ensures that if the company does not have the particular color that you want (a rare occurrence), you are able to find a color combination that works just as well. You should also find a company that offers color matching, as this can be highly convenient for you.